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Address: Moscow, Zolotorozhskiy val, 11

Scope: Engineer-Procure-Construct

Scale: 214 000 sq. metres


Residential quarter “Symbol” is the newest and largest project of the company DONSTROY. The new quarter will occupy about 60 ha. of space outlined by Zolotorozhskij val, Enthusiast chaussee, and Factory Serp and Molot projezd. The quarter is bordering Moscow’s Downtown area and is within 5 km of Kremlin, within 1,5 km from the Garden Ring, and within 1 km from the Lefortovo park. The key element of the project is a central open park, which serves as the green frame for residential quarters and connects the areas of public, business, cultural, and social use. This green ‘river’ flows throughout the whole territory as if it is trying to spill over into neighbouring courtyards and public spaces. Overall, within the re-development efforts for the area formerly occupied by Factory Serp and Molot, there are plans to build 1,5 mln of sq. meters of real estate, including 857 000 sq. meters of residential space. Residential development will feature 30 buildings with glass façades ranging between 3- and 27-stories. In addition to residential space, residential quarter “Symbol” will include business, fitness, cultural, and commercial infrastructure. Here will be built two business centres, two schools for 2 360 students, eight kindergartens for 1 030 children, adult and paediatric family medicine practices, open-air and covered sports stadiums, play grounds, medical centres, and shopping malls. Overall, the quarter will offer its future residents plenty of opportunities to walk along green boulevards or spend leisurely time outside in cosy rest areas. Development concept has been developed by internationally renowned architectural bureaus UHA London and LDA Design. Architectural development for the first phase of the project is developed by architectural studio “Atrium”.

ZAO “Fodd Construction” is the general contractor for the first phase, which includes 5 buildings of varying story height for a total area of of 214 000 sq. metres. ZAO “Fodd Construction” is performing the full range of engineer-procure-construct tasks for the first phase of buildings for the residential quarter “Symbol”. Estimated completion time is 2017. DONSTROY” is Moscow’s leading developing company specializing on the elite segments of residential real estate. The portfolio the company’s completed and current projects amounts to 6,2 mln sq. metres of space. Financial support for the construction of all projects is provided by PAO Bank VTB.