Elite Residential Complex

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Project scope: Engineer-Procure-Construct
Project scale: 8 700 square metres
Address: 15 Malaya Nikitskaya; Downtown Moscow

This neo-classic building was constructed in 1912 by Olgerd Piotrovich and was a rental-apartment building owned by a successful Russian entrepreneur Baskakov.


  • Restored stucco mouldings
  • French panoramic and bay windows, wrap-around gallery and exclusive interior designs of the common-use areas
  • Ventilated façades with Franken-Schotter marble-based bricks and Halfen anchoring system
  • Fire and bullet-proof GekaExklusiv glass panelling with wood-aluminium framing
  • Automated building and engineering systems
  • Back-up diesel generator;
  • Autonomous central water treatment system
  • Fireplaces
  • Modern life safety and security monitoring systems