Bulgakov House

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Address: 25, Bolshoi Kozikhinsky Lane, building 1, Moscow

Scope: Engineer-Procure-Construct

Scale: 4,250 square metres

Bulgakov House is a luxury apartment building located in the historic city centre near Patriarch’s Ponds.


  • Two underground levels and eight residential floors
  • 26 parking spaces
  • Ventilated façade made from natural stone (Germany)
  • Roofing and gallery design that can accommodate patio furniture
  • Combination slate roof
  • High-quality window and stained glass profiles by LIPP (Germany)
  • Modern engineering solutions fit for a premium-class building, including a water purification system and designer radiators.

Patriarch’s Ponds is an iconic location in the heart of Moscow. The area received its name in the mid-seventeenth century when the Moscow Patriarchs chose to reside here. Three fish-ponds were created then, but only one still remains today. For every Muscovite, this area is also strongly associated with Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita. Located within Moscow’s Garden Ring and featuring in numerous literary works and modern films, the Patriarch’s Ponds area is an established and affluent neighbourhood that offers its residents easy access to gourmet restaurants and the best shopping locations, as well as proximity to an urban nature sanctuary.