Barkli Park

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Residential Building with a Health Club

Project scope: Engineer-Procure-Construct
Project scale: 42 186 square metres
Address: 6 Soviet Army str;

Moscow Garden Ring Premium-class complex located in Meschansky (Pretty Bourgeois) district of Moscow. The district is most known for a large number of architectural marvels, parks and public gardens, including a historic Ekaterininsky garden. The complex consists of a 12- and a 14-storey building.


- Exclusive architectural design that combines modern art, functionality of living space and prime location
- High-speed low-noise elevators
- Autonomous central water treatment, filtration and heating system
- Central HVAC system
- Security monitoring systems;
- Two-level parking with 313 parking spots
- Business centre facilities
- Health club - Educational centre
- Proximity to Olympiysky sport complex