NOW. Riverside Quarter

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NOW. Riverside Quarter

Moscow, Southern Administrative District, Nagatinskaya poyma, Proektiruemiy proezd 4062, estate 6

Turnkey construction contract

Scale: 182 600 square metres

Developer: Tekta Group


A new – NOW – business class project represents a riverside residential development, which will be located in Nagatinsky Zaton area in Moscow’s Southern Administrative District. This riverside development will consist of residential buildings with a varying number of stories grouped into urban blocks. Immediately facing the embankment will be small- and medium-rise buildings followed by newly constructed ones of up to 75 meters high. Local residents will have a great time walking along the picturesque promenade, enjoy city views and outdoor sports activities.

The residential area’s substructure will accommodate community facilities, such as offices and shops. Next to them, there will be a kindergarten and, in the northern part of the area, a school for about 550 students will be opened up. The residents of the riverside residential area will also appreciate the convenience of a spacious underground car park.

The residential area is located within an 8-minute walk from Technopark metro station.

The project for the improvement of the adjacent area provides for the creation of vehicle-free zones, the construction of children’s playgrounds, recreation areas and soft landscaping.

Fodd CJSC is performing the full range of construction works to build this residential area.