our strengths


Over 20 years on the market. We provide services to the leading Moscow developers and partner with the well-known Russian and foreign architects. We acquire priceless experience and proudly share it working on our customers’ projects.

In-house resources

Our architecture&design office, supply chain department, construction and engineering divisions operate together to ensure mobility and efficiency of the production workflow.

Established long-term relationships with suppliers and contractors

Our company is an official distributor for the leaders in equipment and construction material manufacturing. FODD has its own procurement and warehousing services to meet our customers’ immediate and urgent requirements. We use a robust system to evaluate and select our sub-contractors optimising costs and minimising risks for our customers.

Financial discipline

We developed a unique system for financial management of construction projects.

Professional team

FODD is a team of educated and trained designers, engineers, construction workers, purchasing agents, economists and project managers, who share commitment to quality and see their success in reaching the customers’ goals.