Regeneration of an Early XX Century Apartment Building

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Project scale: 7 281 square metres
Address: 13/7 Prechistenka str, Annex 1; Downtown Moscow
Architect: Alexander Zelikin, Architect bureau Project-Z

A 8-storey house with two underground floors

This unique building in the centre of Moscow was built in 1912 by a Hamburg-born Art Nouveau architect Gustav August Helrich. The house had many famous inhabitants. Before the Russian Revolution, Faberge family owned one of the floors. In 1920s, Michail Bulgakov frequently visited the house and some magnificent interiors are described in his novel ‘The Master and Margarita’.

Today, the building is regenerated to preserve the architectural aesthetics and the historic tradition. Floor plans and interiors today re the same as Helrich, Faberge and Bulgakov saw them.

Unique features:

  • High ceilings up to 4 metres on the upper floors and up to 5 metres on the second floor
  • Two penthouse apartments with views to Kremlin
  • Spectacular Moscow views form the upper floors
  • Historic front façade
  • Automated car parking with underground building access