Corporate culture

FODD is a unique, outstanding and highly dynamic company.

In pursuit for the shared values with partners, customers and colleagues, we developed an original and expressive corporate STYLE. Clean, beautiful, clear, modern, efficient, friendly, nice, lovely, careful, intellectual, and warm are the key concepts that create a foundation of the company’s style.

Achieving our goals, experiencing joy or disappointment, facing rises or falls, we never forget about the core value - RESPECT.

Respect to everyone who is working next to us. Respect to the professionals who create modern buildings as well as to the ordinary people who then fill them with life. Respect to the work of others at every stage: from an idea to its implementation.

The source of inspiration and energy for our company is JOY.
Shaping FODD’s internal culture, we clearly realized that joy and satisfaction from reaching our professional goals make our personal lives interesting and rewarding and help us express ourselves and be happy.